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Annapolis Diving Contractors
Annapolis Diving Contractors - Hull cleaning in Annapolis and Kent Island MD, Bottom cleaning in Annapolis and Kent Island MD, Divers in Annapolis and Kent Island MD, Dive Services in Annapolis and Kent Island MD

Annapolis Diving Contractors, LLC

Dive Services in Annapolis & Kent Island, MD

Annapolis Diving Contractors operates as a general contractor, sub-contractor, or consultant, providing professional underwater services throughout the Annapolis, Kent Island, the Eastern Shore, and the Chesapeake Bay areas.

Utilizing the most complete equipment inventory in Kent Island, Maryland and the bay area, Annapolis Diving Contractors is able to offer the following services:

  • Hull Cleaning and Inspection

  • Bottom Cleaning

  • Divers for Dive Services

  • Salvage and Towing
    Including preservation of related machinery
  • Search and Recovery
  • Zinc Replacement
  • Propeller Sales and Service
  • Pilling Removal
  • Mooring Installation
  • Slip Clean Out
  • Debris Removal

Please feel free to visit our work order page or email us with any questions or concerns. It is our mission to support you in getting the most enjoyment out of your boating season in Maryland.

MD Clean Marina Pledge
Protect Maryland's Waterways

The Maryland Clean Diver Pledge is for professional divers who have studied the recommended practices provided by the Maryland Clean Marina Program and agree to follow them when working in Maryland waters.

Annapolis Diving Contractors is proud say that we implement the "Best Management Practices" and have done so in the past.

Marine Wizard Award
Marine Wizard Award

Annapolis Diving Contractors is a proud recipient of the 2012 Outstanding Marine Wizard Award. Outstanding Marine Wizard is defined as "someone who has outstanding marine skills that every boater wishes he or she had and offers these skills for hire!" It is a special opportunity to recognize outstanding performance in the Marine Industry. Once named, a Wizard remains a Wizard throughout his/her career.

Major Credit Cards Accepted: 
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