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Underwater Welding in the Delaware River - Dive Services, Bottom Cleaning in Annapolis and Kent Island MD, Divers in Annapolis and 0Kent Island MD
Underwater Welding in
the Delaware River

Annapolis Diving Contractors Underwater Dive Services

  • Hull Cleaning and Inspection
  • Bottom Cleaning
  • Zinc Replacement
  • Propeller Sales and Service
  • Salvage and Towing
    Including preservation of related machinery
  • Search and Recovery
  • Pilling Removal
  • Mooring Installation
  • Slip Clean Out
  • Debris Removal

Annapolis Diving Contractors provides complete salvage services for yacht owners; marinas and insurance companies, offering rapid response times that minimize damage to the vessel and related machinery.

Utilizing the most complete equipment inventory in the bay area, Annapolis Diving Contractors is able to offer the following services:

  • Salvage and towing, including preservation of related machinery
  • search and recovery,
  • Hull cleaning and inspection
  • Zinc replacement
  • Propeller sales and service
  • Pilling removal and mooring installation
  • Slip clean out and debris removal is also available

Operating under "No Cure-No Pay" general maritime law of salvage in resolving all disputes and rendering the reward, both the client and the contractor are protected.

In addition to Underwater Services, clients are now able to add on Detailing Services! Please contact us with any questions about our new Detailing Add-On services.

For additional information, please fill out our work request form.

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