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Underwater Welding in
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Hull Cleaning & Inspection Services

Annapolis Diving Contractors is your partner in maintaining your boats health and performance for burden-free boating season. It is important to have regular hull cleanings and thorough inspections. The benefits are reduced fuel costs, improved boat performance and early detection of maintenance issues.

Hull cleaning removes barnacles and other debris that has accumulated on the bottom of your boat. The removal of these items decreases the friction and allows the vessel to easily glide across the water. Decreasing the drag of the boat’s hull in the water improves fuel consumption and prevents stress to the boat’s engine and equipment.

Annapolis Diving Contractors believes that underwater hull cleaning is the best option as opposed to dry-dock cleaning. We feel regular cleanings and inspections reduce major repairs in the future. Taking these preventative measures allow our experts to quickly identify problem areas and suggest the necessary repairs before they become critical.

Allow Annapolis Diving Contractors to give you the peace of mind that your boat’s equipment is properly maintained. Contact us to schedule your next Hull Cleaning and Inspection or call us at (410) 251-6538.

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